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Hand crafted by Matthew Sowter

Saffron Frameworks creates custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you. By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together we design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting I turn that design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels. We build just a few frames each year, and we treat each one with the same love and care.


Hand crafted by Matthew Sowter

In 2009, I followed my dream of becoming a frame builder. I’d reached a turning point in my life where I was unsatisfied with my daily routine and so I decided to bring my love of bicycles to the forefront and get my hands dirty by creating a tangible object. One which gives me much happiness.

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 It's not often we win 2 awards for 1 bike. And two mega wards at that: Best in Show And Best Finish at @bespokeduk this year. This bike was commissioned by @bulleitwhiskey . We went down the route of a gravel bike, with many cool extras. We used a mix of tubes @columbus_official , @reynoldstechnology and @kva_stainless . The front of the bike is copper plated, we used a section of a copper still which was used in the distilling their Bourbon, the rear end in stainless steel This has been the longest build we have had through the workshop taking almost 2 years. The paint was applied by @colecoatingsworkshop The wait seems to have been worth it. Read more about it on the website . . . . #saffronframeworks #reynoldstubing #steelbike #bikeporn #handmadeinlondon #handmade #bikeofinstagram #steelisreal #baaw #gravelbike #custombike #copperplate #sram  Neil’s stainless steel disc road bike is now up on the site. Follow the link above , to read all about it. #saffronframeworks #bikeofinstagram #columbustubing #stainlesssteel #steelisreal #handmade #handmadeinlondon #custompaint #cyclist #cycling #cyclingphotography #rideyourbike #roadporn #bikesofinstagram  Pastel fades for days, @exigedel Whip/Sunday best, i have been told by his wife (i suspect to her dismay) it is kept on top of a piece of furniture in the bedroom for safe keeping. Darren was after quality without any compromises. This is delivered perfectly in the combination of components and finishing of this build. The tubes are mostly @columbus_official HSS down tube, Spirit top tube XCR chain stays and seat stays. The dropouts are custom machined from 17/4 stainless steel by @bentleycomponents . The head tube is custom machined to the mm. The seat tube is a custom carbon ISP which is made by @envecomposites We believe in working with experts in other fields to come up with the best possible frame for each rider. The paint design was inspires by the @cloudwaterbrew which was interpreted into a land scape over the frame. And laid down by @jackkingston The word enve on the wheels was painted on to follow the design on the frame. The saddle is covered by @graftonsaddler saddles which has a base colour to match the paint scheme which is seen through the perforated finish on the saddle. Full @chriskingbuzz and @envecomposites bits We were truly reluctant to let this one go! Darren's words “The sky is truly the limit with regards to what can be done, custom drop outs, custom geometry cable routing, tyre clearance and of course the most difficult thing…the paint. All of these are of primary concern to get the bike to complement how you as a rider, ride.And as for the ride…well of course its compliant and comfortable, very quick to get up to speed, but it’s the fact that it fits perfectly that really grabs me. It just feels right” More photos on the website. #saffronframeworks #bespokebicycle #madetomeasure #handmadeinlondon #handmade #craft #steelisreal #shimano #envecomposites #chriskingbuzz #cycling #cyclingphotography #instabike #bikesofinstagram #cyclingpics #bicycleporn #baaw
 Brazing up a set of @reynoldstechnology 953 forks for Noresh’s stainless bi-laminate frame, classic skinny tubes and a LOT of mirror polished stainless. Feat. @paragonmachine drop outs. #steelbike #steelisreal #handmadeinlondon #handmade #brazing #reynolds #reynoldstubing #paragonmachineworks #oxyacetylene #hot  Seat cluster shot on Neil’s build. Keeping it clean with a pinch bolt which is machined into the seat stays. The tube set is @columbus_official XCR. The blue is the Sky Blue from @manchestercity_fc . The paint was layer down by @jackkkingston #saffronframeworks #bikeofinstagram #rideyourbike #handmade #handmadeinlondon #columbustubing #manchestercity #carbonfiber #steelisreal #custombicycle #baaw  A big box of Italian @columbus_official steel (+carbon) arrived in the workshop this morning. Five piles of tubes, five Saffrons to be. Here we’ve got one commuter and four fast road bikes, including a TIG welded XCR racer inspired by @danfromnam ‘s commonwealth Saffron.
 Some photos from @xjohnsen ‘s solo mission through the Norweigian mountains on his Saffron. @columbus_official spirit/HSS front triangle and @reynoldstechnology 953 rear end, this bike was designed and built for hard and fast riding, but with the addition of a large saddle bag it’s just as at home doing longer overnight trips. Where did your bike take you this weekend? “ Hi, would just like to say that the bike performed excelent through the whole trip! 400 km and about 8000 meters of ascending in tre days, it was a sure joy to ride. Now I am taking it with me for a 3 weeks vacation in the north of Norway, can't wait!” #bikeofinstagram #steelisreal #bikepacking #steelbike #handmade #handmadeinlondon #bikeporn #cyclist #cycling #columbustubing #reynoldstubing  @danfromnam monstercross/gravelbike on top of a off road climb in Girona. She has just been fitted with a set 2.2” tyres on 650b hoops. Dan is getting ready for an off road adventure in Iceland. Dan is good friend and spent a couple of weeks in the workshop, were we together built this dirt machine. @pelotonbrief #saffronframeworks #gravelbike #cyclinglife #bikeofinstagram #rideyourbike #craft #fromwhereiride #cyclist #bicycle #bespokebicycle #custombike #girona  @manlikedicksonvangogh No- nonsense winter road bike. Bikes with mudguards can look clean and slick!Richard’s is a part of the family with his second Saffron. To be asked to make a rider a second bike is always humbling. We used @columbus_official mix of Zona and Life tubes. The chain stays are @reynoldstechnology 853 for maximum tyre clearance. We kept the handling as close to his summer bike as possibly. We increased the rear end slightly to accommodate mudguards and 28mm tyres. The colour was laid down by @jackkkingston. We used @houseofkolor_ Apple Candy Red it literally pops in the sun. Richard was ace to work with on this project. . . . . . . . . . . #columbustubing #framebuilding #custombicycle #steelisreal #reynoldstubing #filletbrazed #winterbike #shimano #discbrakes #di2 #bespokebicycle #anotherfuckinghashtag
 Polishing @reynoldstechnology 953 to a mirror shine is messy work and takes a not inconsiderable amount of time and elbow grease: Starting off at 240 grit the stays are sanded all over by hand working the abrasive back and forth in one direction until only homogeneous unidirectional scratches can be seen, the same grit is then worked perpendicularly to expose any scratches that may have been hidden by the first pass, when happy that 240 has done its job we move up to 320 repeating the process all the way up through 400, 600, 1000, and 1400 before the polishing mop comes out to finish the job off. Tubes are polished individually, brazed together and then subjected to a final round of touching up before being sent off to paint. This stainless bilaminate build for Noresh has mirror polished seat stays, chain stays, head tube, and fork blades. #bikeofinstagram #stainlesssteel #steelisreal #handmade #handmadeinlondon #cyclist #cycling #cyclingphotography #rideyourbike #monkeylikesshiny #mirrorpolish #reynoldstubing #elbowgrease #  This is a series of 3 photos of the stages of cleaning fillets. It’s all about what is underneath the paint for us. Each joint is fillet brazed with either a filler metal of 22% of silver or brass/bronze mix. This is the process we go through to get it as smooth as butter. We start with 1:carbide burr 2: bastard file 3: surface conditioning belt 4: multiple grades of sandpaper which is done purely with our fingers. It’s just one of the process we go through which is often not seen. Ah not to mention step number 6: loud good tunes which helps getting in the zone. #saffronframeworks #craft #handmadeinlondon #handmade #columbustubing #filletbrazed #cycling #bespokebicycle #custombike #custombicycle  Bi-laminate head tube for Noresh’s classic looking stainless @reynoldstechnology 953 build. The exterior sleeve was turned in house from 303 stainless to fit perfectly over the Reynolds 921 head tube (all other tubes and fork blades are 953) which has been brought to a mirror polish before brazing the two parts together. More photos to follow...

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