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Hand crafted by Matthew Sowter

Saffron Frameworks creates custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you. By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together we design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting I turn that design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels. We build just a few frames each year, and we treat each one with the same love and care.


Hand crafted by Matthew Sowter

In 2009, I followed my dream of becoming a frame builder. I’d reached a turning point in my life where I was unsatisfied with my daily routine and so I decided to bring my love of bicycles to the forefront and get my hands dirty by creating a tangible object. One which gives me much happiness.

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 Final chance to see us at @bespokeduk 2018 Come down for a closer look at Danny’s classic stainless bi-laminate Saffron  This is @danfromnam bike which we have made for him to race at the Commonwealth games tomorrow at 12:30 Aus time. Keep your eye peeled to the telly to see this stainless steel beauty in action. This is a killer build! It comes in just over 7kg. Not bad for a big ass steel bike! @campagnolosrl @columbus_official @fabriccycling @schwalbetyresuk @chriskingbuzz @paragonmachine  Some more detailed shots of Andrew’s build: We’re keeping everything neat and tidy on this fully featured touring frame with internal routing for the hydraulic line, the Di2 front and rear mech and also for the airstream tail light 2. @columbus_official Life/HSS/Zona tubeset, @paragonmachine PolyDrop dropouts, @velo_orange moderniste bottle cages.
 We won an award from @cyclist_mag for this mixed material frame. It’s a combination of ash designed and shaped by @sebastiancoxltd, steel by @reynoldstechnology and @columbus_official , carbon by @envecomposites and some stainless steel machined in house. We are stoked by the way this turned out. It’s set up as a single speed with disc, but can be run as a 1x11.  Excuse the profanities “ fuck man - this is amazing!!!!!!!” So this is @danfromnam and he is on a Saffron which is being raced at the Commonwealth games tomorrow. We are over the moon that Dan has chosen to race on a stainless steel Saffron at this level. I am still doing double takes when I see photos of the bike and realise what this signifies. We have partnered with @columbus_official who supplied us with a set of XCR tubes. @campagnolosrl has supported us with supplying us with a Super Record groupset and Bora Ultra wheels. @fabriccycling have come to the party with an ALM saddle and tape. We are so stoked to how this build has turned out. Dan’s feedback: Do you know that feeling, when something suddenly makes you feel like a little kid again? In a nutshell - that’s my bike. My first ride on the bike was upon arrival in Australia for the Commonwealth Games. Groggy and tired from 32 hours of flying time, I went out for an easy test ride, and just to stretch my legs along the Gold Coast beach front. 40km, multiple town-sign-sprints and red light standing starts later I rolled back to the Athletes Village with a huge grin on my face. The geometry Matt and I decided to use makes this bike nippy - and oh so much fun. Unlike other bikes I have ridden which, might be a bit “easier” to handle - but are therefor a bit… well… boring. Of course, being my first stainless steel bike - I can not in all honesty say how much that has to do with the geometry and how much has to do with the material. Or as I suspect - it’s a combination of both. After all, thats why we chose to build with this material in this way. And that’s just talking about the ride. I’ve always been a huge fan of chromed or stainless bikes. Shiny chain stays especially. So having a whole bike built just the way I want it makes me seriously happy. The breezer dropouts are my favourite (seriously - if you prefer a different type of dropout I do not understand you). The straight, chunky head tube just makes for such a clean and solid look that I really think is timeless and classic - without being in an old-school way. In my eyes,  Milling drilling and tapping the seat stays on Andrew’s @columbus_official Life/HSS/Zona frame to create the pinch bold seat post clamp. This is a nerve wracking operation because so many hours have already been invested in the frame by this point. Andrew’s build is designed for everyday use but also capable of being loaded up for long distance touring, more posts to follow.
 Wow another amazing show @bespokeduk this year for us. The reception is humbling. And we picked up a couple of awards. We won “Best In Show” and “Best Finish”. it’s a wonderful pat on the back for all the hard work we put into our bikes.  This is a not so much of a sneak peak of one of bikes we will be showing at @bespokeduk next week. We have made a call (as we do at all shows) to only show bikes that our customers own. This is a true reflection of the quality of work we produce. There are no bikes on show that we have laboured over for months for the sole purpose of “just for show”. We are fortunate to receive commissions to build some amazing bicycles which we are very proud of! This is @exigedel steel road machine which has a custom made @envecomposites ISP. The pastel fades are inspired from a can that holds tasty drop of @cloudwaterbrew. The paint is laid down by @jackkkingston. The dropouts are custom machined from 17/4 stainless steel by @bentleycomponents . This is one cracking build.  Each frame we produce is completely unique to the rider! @robpedals hand painted frame by @phil_ashcroft. Check out Phil’s latest commission in Hong Kong. Looks like Rob has got a @ridelightweight wheel up grade
 @danfromnam next to his @columbus_official XCR commonwealth games bike at our @bespokeduk stand. Come down for a closer look at this and four other exciting Saffrons  And finally some photos from the dry fit. Stainless cosmos rack from Tubus carrying a pair of @ortlieb_waterproof Bike Packer Plus panniers, filled to the max these give a total of 82 litres carrying capacity. Thirsty work cycling with those so we’ve a third @velo_orange moderniste bottle cage mounted underneath the down tube. The mud guards, also from Velo Orange, are off at the painters and will be part of the paint scheme including frame fork and stem - excited to see this design come to fruition.  Sun’s just peaking through in London this morning, time to get your guns out  @robpedals

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