Adrian contacted us after a crash back in 2018 had changed his cycling aspirations . His request was for a stainless steel machine, with plenty of exposed, polished metal, and with wider, confidence-boosting tyres than he would have previously opted for on a road bike.
The bike would be used for local rides, up to 100 miles, and unladen (Adrian has plenty of other bikes for touring and other luggage-carrying activities) – what he described as a ‘fast, sunshine machine’. He wanted SRAM Red AXS wireless gearing. Other than that he was happy to take on board Matthew’s advice and recommendations. Despite our skepticism, one thing he wasn’t prepared to budge on was the polished, stainless steel seat-tube but with the frame all painted, it came out brilliantly.

Adrian knew his criteria for the paint scheme for this build from the outset. It had to have the polished rear end including seat tube which undeniably adds a touch of class to it. It had to be simple and clean and most importantly, it had to be completely unique.
He settled on the two tone candy fade going from a striking Cobalt at the front through to a smooth Brandywine at the rear.
We balanced the rear with the Saffron downtube coming through in raw stainless steel and the headbadge is left polished too as always.

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