Alberto who is originally from the north of Spain and is now living in London. He wanted a bike that perfectly suited his body geometry while providing specific functionality that just isn’t possible to find in an off-the-shelf model.
We spent many hours in the workshop discussing every detail of his bespoke build. We ended up going with a Columbus XCr stainless steel tube set. It was really important to have a bike that would be as stable as it could possibly be.
“These are my first impressions after having completed the first 3 rides.
The bike feels great! What exactly contributes to this feeling is difficult for me to say, as I am no so experienced and so many different things have changed as compared to my previous carbon bike (fitting, geometry, frame material, tire size, group set, crank length, saddle). Whatever it is, the overall improvement is striking. The ride is extremely comfortable and my body feels relaxed and perfectly adapted to the bike both in and out of the saddle. Everything feels just right.
With the mudguards, the Saffron weights 1kg more than my carbon bike. Despite this, I’ve been riding faster than before (0.5-1km/h), and not only on flat roads but also when climbing. I am looking forward to riding the bike without the mudguards, but they are so effective at keeping me dry that I might not do so until the summer.
To sum up, I am very impressed. It clearly exceeds my expectations.
Thanks for everything”

With Alberto being a Campagnolo rider we designed the frame to take a chorus disc groupset We felt a disc version would be best suited for the wet weather and rough roads which London has to offer.

The idea of the components was to have a classic look and feel of the bike and the components to be bang up to date

Group Set
-Campagnolo Chorus disc
-35mm carbon rims, laced onto DT Swiss 240 hubs
-Hutchinson Fusion 5 all season 28mm
-Velo Orange, stainless steel
Finishing kit
-Chris King Inset 8

Alberto’s priorities for his bike’s final look were for it to have a clean aesthetic, and for it to be as understated as possible while still having an air of traditionalism.
As the frame was made out of stainless steel we polished the chain and seat stays along with having the polished Saffron exposed on the down tube.
The main colour for the frame is mica silver, a very fine metallic We picked a red and blue accent on the transition to the polished areas of the chainstays and seatstays. This is based upon a Porsche detailing. This in conjunction with the black components of the bike made it possible to execute an elegant finish with classical accents.

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