Andrew started racing bikes while attending The Citadel, a military academy in South Carolina. He decided to get a custom frame made with Saffron as a retirement gift to himself after nearly 10 years in the National Guard. Now an airline captain and private pilot, he wanted a bicycle he could travel with easily. Due to the nature of Andrew’s work, he often travels to beautiful places, many of which are ideal for cycling. So, to help Andrew achieve his goals, we created a frame using S&S couplers and designed both the frame and components with the consideration of fitting into an S&S-specific bike box. Andrew flew over to London to collect his bike, and we went through the packing process with him so he could feel confident preparing his bike for trips.

The bike was designed to be versatile and practical without compromising on performance or handling. This bike will be traveling the world with Andrew, so it was built using S&S couplers to increase its packability. The frame was made using a combination of Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing, which helped keep the bike as light as possible – perfect for Andrew’s enjoyment of climbing. The bike needed to have the option of fitting 650b wheels with wider tires for the rougher terrain he might encounter. To achieve this, we specified the KVA S-bend stainless steel chainstays and seatstays, allowing up to 47mm tire clearance when 650b wheels are installed.

Andrew’s paint design combines an essence of nostalgia and heritage, blended with an appreciation for modern techniques and materials. The colors of the frame were initially inspired by two vintage Torpado bicycle frames, combining parts of both frames into one paint design. The frame was made using Columbus XCR stainless steel. To highlight the beauty of the materials, we decided to leave both the chainstays and seatstays exposed. This was a nice way to tie the bike together with the brushed Saffron head badge and the Raw stainless steel S&S couplers on the frame.

“I really enjoyed working with Matthew. He is passionate about his work and has a great engineering mind. As soon as I spoke with him, I knew he was going to deliver a wonderful product. Even with all the setbacks this world has thrown at us, the journey was the destination. I am very happy with the bicycle you have built.”

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