Andrew came to me wanting a road bicycle that would be long-lasting and fast. When we first discussed his build, Andrew was clear on which tubesets he wanted and how he wanted his frame constructed.

He chose Columbus XCR, a stainless steel tube set for its weight and durability against the elements. The frame was fillet brazed with low-percentage silver rods.

We achieved the “clean and simple” brief, with a rather understated finish but with enough elegance to satisfy most bike connoisseurs. The paint is pearl white with the colours Welsh flag on the top tube, to remind Andrew of his place of birth.

I left a single eyelet on the dropouts so that when Andrew finds time in his busy schedule to finally fulfil his dream of credit card touring through Italy, he can stick a rack and panniers on the rear.

Andrew was a real pleasure to build a bicycle for and I wish him many happy miles on his new stead.

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