When Ben came to us to discuss his ultimate modern road bike, we knew already that this was going to be an exciting build.
Coming from a rim brake carbon road bike, Ben was not looking to upgrade to the latest aero world tour beating race machine. Even the best of us are not being held back by those final few watts of wind resistance. What he wanted was all the modern advancements in road bike technology: hydraulic disc brakes, electronic shifting, lightweight high quality components and most importantly, a bike that fits like a glove and rides as good as it looks.
This build featured a no holds barred spec list. The frame is built from mixed materials with a Columbus XCR outline but utilises HSS shaped tubes for the top and down tubes and a carbon ISP which is made in the US by Enve. Bookending the bike, we also have an Enve road fork at the front with the Speed Release axle system. The rear stays are stainless and feature our Saffron logo bridge, flipped vertically to follow the circumference of the rear tyre.

The paint scheme for this bike features a Didspade Solis Supershift Pearl finish which gives it its colour changing ability. From different angles and in different light (London weather did us no favours in these images) the colour shifts between a bluish purple and a warmer red tone with the occasional flash of a green hue.
The seat and chain stays being stainless steel were left exposed in a nod to chromed race bikes of the past and for practicality when it comes to wear and tear from the chain when changing wheels, though we do include a chain hitch on every frame to help here.
The Enve logo was replicated in its original position in the same colour as the frame only with a matte clear finish rather than the frame’s gloss. This kept it very subtle in the same way as the stock fork has a gloss black logo on matte black carbon. Since they also produced the carbon tube for the ISP, we included a very small logo just above the seat stays in the same matte finish.

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