Colin wanted a stainless steel bike with a classic look made using lugs.  This bike wasn’t just to be hung on the wall and admired though like some of the “classic” builds you see around – Colin would ride this bike on long rides both in the UK and over in Portugal. The longevity that stainless steel offers as a frame material in all weathers has an added bonus – it means we can leave sections of the frame exposed to give the look of old chromed frames. For Colin’s bike the fork legs, rear stays, down tube logo and even a tiny union jack on the back of the seat tube are all exposed and polished Reynolds 953 tubing. A lugged construction limits the angles you can use for the frame, but we feel we got Colin’s fit to sit nicely aesthetically, within those restrictions.

To give Colin the best possible riding experience we specified modern parts from Chris King, Noble, Ritchey and Shimano whilst adding a nod to the past with the Brooks saddle and bar tape

Colin had this to say after he settled in on the new ride: “The bike really exceeds my expectations, rides well and turns heads.  Thanks for your individual inputs, to the end product.”

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Reynolds 953 Stainless Steel


Stainless steel Lugs


Chris King r45


Chris King Nothreadset with custom machined integrated topcap/spacer




Challenge Strada Open 25c

Finishing Kit

Ritchey Classic

Saddle and tape


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