Nathan’s City Commuter

A 40th birthday is a special one. So, when Nathan asked me to make his 40th birthday present to himself, I felt honoured.

He wanted something quite contemporary, to use on a daily basis in London for travelling to and from work.

The design keeps as many cables out the way as possible. So much so that the brake cable runs all the way through the top tube and it comes out right at the rear brake.

Nathan wanted a stainless-steel head tube on his commuter and so I created a bi-laminate head tube with the inside sleeve being brushed stainless steel. I hand-carved the dropouts to a design which I feel follows the overall design of the bike. They are originally made by 2Souls – their Evo2 dropouts.

Unique in this design is the curved top-tube. Nathan wanted a horizontal top-tube and a continuous seat-stay to top-tube line. By bending the top-tube I was able to achieve this and it makes for an aesthetically pleasing sight.

The handle-bar is custom-made by TedJamesDesign and the plywood ass-saver is made by Dave at Design Works Carpentry who stained and varnished it for longevity.

Some feedback i got from Nathan which put a fat smile on my face

“I think the best compliment I can give you was that the ride just felt natural, everything felt right and very comfortable.

Thank you for crafting a fantastic frame for me, you have a very satisfied customer. I always look forward to the cycle into or home from work, it gives me a chance to clear my head, especially on the way home, so by the time I see the kids work is long forgotten (most of the time anyway!), but now I have even more reason to look forward to the ride!”


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Construction method

Fillet brazed and Bi-laminated lugged


Kinesis DC37

Head set

M-part Elite

Handle Bar

Custom made

Stem and Seat post



Hplusson Archtype


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Brake levers

Paul love lever Compact

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