It is always a good sign (and a compliment) that we are doing something right when a previous customer comes back and orders a second bike. We first built Danny a bike back in 2016. It was a really beautiful Columbus XCR Bi-laminated stainless steel “Sunday Best”. Check it out here.

We always like to hear this from riders who are wanting to swap their carbon bike for a steel whip. In Danny’s words, “I like the bike (his previous Saffron) so much I’m thinking about swapping my carbon bike for a more racy steel machine!”

Danny’s brief was summed up in the last 3 words in his first email about this project. As Danny is a tall rider, we chose large diameter tubes to help with the torsional stress he will be putting through the frame. We used a fillet brazed construction to give a seamless transition from one tube to the next. To give a better lateral stiffness against the natural lateral torsion, we used a Columbus octagonal down tube for the top tube placed on it’s side, giving the tube a greater width. We feel for such a large bike it’s perfectly in proportion. Even though we used large diameter tubes we decided on a 27.2mm seat post to allow a bit of flexibility for the bumpy roads of Surrey.

The groupset is a Sram Red to give the bike the clean finish it deserves.

The paintwork was done by the guys at Cole Coating. The design was based upon the work of artist Bridget Riley, an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of optical art. She also happens to have been born 10 miles from our workshop in London!

We are very happy with how this bike has turned out.

Danny’s words

” the bike is unbelievable. Fast, comfortable, beautiful, clearly my favourite bike ever! And the power meter has completely changed the way I ride too for the better. All in all I am very happy”

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