Dan’s Stainless steel S&S coupler was a born out Dan’s travel needs,

As well as a keen cyclist he is car enthusiast. He is no stranger of going down the custom route with being the owner of the worlds first custom Bertone Mantide. He is also does some Ferrari racing from time to time.

We first started talking about this build and the request for discs came up. This is possible but it is a lot of work for the rider to dismantle the caliper from the frame every time it is packing in the travel case. Dan said he had work with race cars in the past which used a nifty disc brake system we started at lookimg at creating a system that we could just unplug the hydraulic hoses like they do on race cars in pit stops. We decided against it as the potential faff would have still have with the disc and potential damaging the rotors.We decided to go down the route of rim brakes.

Stainless steel is a great material for S&S bikes it really helps all the potential knocks it may be subjected to while boxing up the bike. We chose to go with Columbus XCR for this one. It is a great material to work with.

The paint scheme is inspired from the the Luxembourg flag.

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