From our first interaction, it was clear that Fabrice knew he wanted a stainless steel bike so naturally we started with a Columbus XCR tube set, fillet brazed with silver and for weight and comfort we used our signature carbon ISP. That is where the similarities to our other bikes end however.
We had a carbon tube custom made especially for this application, holding a high tolerance to the 44mm inner diameter of the XCR head tube. The construction follows the same method as the seat tube; the frame is first constructed in its entirety with stainless steel tubes. Once we have confirmed the frame’s alignment, the seat tube and head tube are cut away and the carbon tubes are bonded into the frame with a high strength adhesive epoxy.
The ISP topper is the first of our new 3D printed model. We have been designing, iterating and testing these for the past 2 years and now they are ready for production. It is produced by a Titanium 3D printing partner in Germany, though we have the ability to print the same design in stainless steel.

The overall paint design for this bike is a very simple one colour job with exposed sections allowing the various constituent materials to show through.
The Aston Martin “Cosmos Orange” is very loud and for risk of it becoming shouty, it needed to remain subdued.
The carbon seat tube and head tube were carefully masked and the polished stainless steel comes through as the down tube logo and separated by single black chevrons, the chainstays remain bare to keep the chain and the road from chipping away over the years.

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