Jeff’s build uses our mixed materials format with shaped HSS tubes from Columbus for the main tubes, XCR chainstays and head tube and carbon seat tube. The seat stays are designed for Japanese Keirin racing bikes but we use them here for their light weight and a small degree of comfort.
The head tube features a cut away showing off a custom carbon tube which we designed and had made specifically for this application by the same factory who produce our carbon ISP seat tubes in Europe.
The ISP is topped with our 3D printed titanium topper which uses ENVE seatpost hardware, in-keeping with the ENVE carbon fork at the front of the bike.

Inspired in part by the colour scheme of Damon’s bike that we built last year, Jeff wanted to keep the design for his bike very clean and simple, mostly a single colour with what started as a gradient of birds in flight getting smaller and fewer towards the back of the bike. Playing with the design elements some more, the similarity between the birds in flight and the Saffron logo in unusual orientations gave rise to the design you see here.

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