What a project this mixed material singlespeed was!  We first started speaking about this project with Julian 4 years ago, since then we have made in a cross bike which he has been smashing for 3 season now.
The conversation started with “could you make me a bike made from wood with a little steel through in for good measure” I was taken back a bit, as steel was my material of choice at the time. But i really wanted to give this a go because i love the idea of pushing my boundaries of what i can do.
Fast forward 4 years and the project was becoming a reality.
The make up of this machine.
I have always had a soft spot for ISP and i feel Carbon is the best material for the Job. Enve made up a tube for this. The wood was done by Sebastian Cox who is a master craftsman in his field . He used English Ash for the top tube and seat stays. The rough shape was cut out of a single piece of wood. The next step for him was to build a jig for the radius, then he steam bended it to make sure it met up in with the headtube and dropouts. The last step was shaped shaping profile which he did by hand. We used a Columbus tapered headtube with internal bearings. The Down tube is a a Columbus HX which is big and stiff. The bottom bracket is and eccentric for getting the tension on the chain. The Chain stays are made form Reynolds 853. The dropouts are Paragon machine works. We used these because by  just change the derailleur hanger we can change the singlespeed set up to a 1 x11 system.
All in all we are stoked to how this singlespeed turned out
She also picked up an award at Bespoked 2018

Julian’s words


“I cannot express adequately how thrilled I am with the SS. It rides like a dream and is much faster than you had led me to believe.  With gears on it would enjoy the mountains of the Appenines I am sure, but I am going to keep it here and enjoy the SS element.
I was pondering as I was riding yesterday, that most people spend their money on things to make their lives more comfortable and easier. I seem to spend mine on being more uncomfortable. A SS, a Cross Bike and a Pashley Guvnor are all great rides, exciting in their own ways, but certainly not easy. I think it is a case of beauty over form, until I reflected on that and realised that there is great form there too as they are all very functional in their own ways and beautifully built!
The SS is really a dream. My wife, Jane says , ‘it is so cool!” It really is. As a craftsman you must be so proud of it “

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