We got a call from Karrie one late winter afternoon asking if she could pop in in a couple of hours to discuss a new build. It was a real pleasure meeting her as she had done a lot of research and had some clear objectives of what she wanted the bike to handle like. The bike needed to be ready for the JOGLE….1000 miles (which was a couple of weeks after the projected delivery date).  Karrie Came to cycling later than most from a swimming and running background. The introduction to riding was from Triathlons, where she finishes at the top of age group. Karrie lives in Truro, Cornwall surrounded by incredible rolling country lanes.

The brief was quite simple, ride characteristics: stable while descending, Comfort on the straight and light for the climbs. The function and form of the finishing kit was not to be compromised.  The aesthetic needed to be clean,vibrant with as little black as possible. This was reflected by the her artwork which is acrylic images of Koi in movement through water.

We dropped the BB and relaxed the head tube angle to give  the stability and comfortability that she was after. The tube set was a mix of Columbus XCR and Reynolds 953 for the durability and the lightness of the frame.  We are very happy to say that we built her a bike which has improved her cycling due to the position and handling of the bike and is as beautiful as the rider. There is not much more we can ask for.

Karrie: ” I collected my bike from Matthew, then rode it around for about a week before sending it off to John O’groats where I met up with it again a few days later. I jumped on this bike and rode nearly 1200 miles over the next three weeks, to reach Land’s End. Not one niggle. Not one sore spot or ache or pain. None! Incredible fit. Perfect. “

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