Lee initially approached us to talk about a rim brake road bike after seeing one of our builds online and wanted us to build him his own version more or less the same. This is not Lee’s only bike however and whilst it would be a different beast to his 80’s Colnago or his carbon Bianchi, we settled eventually on something different for this build.
We kept the bones of what Lee wanted, a stainless steel fast road bike but we built the frame around the electronic disc brake groupset. Disc brakes mean he can run the deep carbon wheels year round without the need for a winter wheel set.
We designed the frame with a slight slope in the top tube which allows a longer length of seatpost to stick out from the frame which increases comfort through the flex in the carbon. It also makes the frame lighter and stiffer but that’s marginal.

The design for Lee’s bike is a classic Saffron finish with a couple of unique touches. He chose the Ocra colour from Alfa Romeo which we had some difficulty tracking down initially but it worked out and looks fantastic with its rich orangey gold colour and deep metallic shine.
The frame also features some subtle darker stripes and the satin finished stainless stays and logo we love.
We also polished the back of the seat tube for a Saffron flower motif made up of the logo repeated in rotation and the top tube for a Morse code message with meaning personal to Lee.
Finally the one piece cockpit is colour matched which is a unique feature for us and ties it together.

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