The idea of this bike is to be as versatile as possible, to accommodate 28mm to 45mm tires as well as to run two different wheels. Even though the frame is of a smaller size we maxed everything out so she could strap as many bags as possible for the adventures
The bike needed to be light. Lesley really appreciates the texture of objects so we chose the frame to have a naked finish. The construction method we used was TIG welding. With this method of construction and having a bare finish it saved a little over 300 grams. Stainless steel is the perfect material for this because of it’s high chrome content which prevents rust. The front end is Columbus XCR, The ISP sleeve is Reynolds 921 and the rear end is KVA. Though not all stainless steels are created equally. We ended up passivating the frame, this process creates an inert film of chromium oxide on its surface which is a gives the metal extra protection against the elements.

The components were a reasonably straightforward selection. We opted for electronic shifting. The idea behind this is that electronic shifting works really well for long hard cold days in the saddle, due to the ease of shifting you are more likely to maintain a more even cadence. Disc brakes were essential to switch out wheel and tyre sizes, and of course for better stopping when under load. The finishing kit focused on strength and durability. Flat section “aero” on the handlebars are great when climbing to rest your hands. The wheels are lightweight at just over 1.3kg.

-Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2
-Columbus Futura gravel
-Roval CLX 32mm
-Continental GP 5000 TL 28 mm
-Made in house, zero setback
Finishing kit
-Profile, Deda
-Selle Italia SLR
-Chris King inset 8
-Rideworks T47

The frame has a naked finish, the fork and ISP are carbon fiber. For these we used a marine grade polish to treat the carbon for UV exposure. We polished the down tube starting at 180 grit and taking this up to 2000 grit sandpaper then we apply 2 different polishing compounds. We masked this off with a tacking very thick decal. The frame is media blasted. The decal is removed with the Saffron coming though beautiful against the contract of the media blasted finish.

“After a very thorough fit with Jorit at Strype Street Cycles and copious amounts of coffee with Matthew talking about the material properties of steel and carbon, when I picked it up from the workshop just before xmas last year it felt
like I had been reunited with an old friend. It took no time to get to know, but it still has many secrets that are shared every time I take it out for a ride. I’m at risk of sounding materialistic here but of all the objects I own in the world this assemblage of stainless steel and the most beautiful layered carbon crafted together by Matthew’s hands is the most life affirming one of them all.”

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