This Columbus Gilco/Reynolds 953 bi-laminate stainless steel road frame is designed to be ridden on the cobbles of Belgium.

Our highlight with this build was working with the rider Martin, due to his enthusiasm and general knowledge. Martin approached us in early 2017 to discuss this build. Prior to the go ahead, we were tasked with the mission of finding some Gilco tubing, which is like finding Hen’s teeth.

Once we had obtained the fluted tubing, we went about discussing the build specs. Our brief was to mix old and new into a seamless and functional machine, in both the styling and composition of materials.

Martin wanted to show off the handmade element of this build, so we decided to use bilaminate lugs on the head tube and the seat cluster. What is really interesting in the bilaminate lug is that it starts on the head tube on the bottom section, and continues into the top tube. This gives an interesting flow to the direction of the lugs.

For the rear end of the bike we used Reynolds 953 as well as the fork, for we also used 953.

Even though this has got a conventional short drop Campagnolo brake, we built it in such a way that gave it the clearance for 30mm Strade Bianche tyres.

The pinch bolt and the seat tube bilaminate lug have got the same Apex to it. The components were super modern; we decided to go for Campagnolo Record EPS with Campagnolo Bora Ultra Clinchers, making this frame bang up to date.

We built the stem to follow the line of the top tube, which runs at a very slight angle. The custom stem was made to follow this line. The stem has two mounts on it for an Enve garmin mount.

We chose not to leave the stainless steel completely exposed, instead polishing and brushing it to a fine finish. We then covered it with a lacquer that contained a very small amount of black candy dye, giving it an almost gunmetal aesthetic. The paint is inspired by John Player Formula One cars.

We don’t normally make bikes with skinny tubes, it was lovely to get stuck into a project like this.

Martin’s words,

Matthew, just a short note to let you know that the bike you made me rode fantastically well over the cobbles. Felt in control and the least beaten up compared to my previous 4 excursions in Roubaix. 
In general the ride is supreme…. even during normal riding back in the UK. Doesn’t feel soft, weak or out of control ever…. but always comfy even with 25s…. so no spaghetti handling even with that skinny tubing, which I guess comes down to having a steel steerer tube and stem….. potentially the bi lam adds a bit of lateral stiffness up front too.
Thanks again
I’m a happy camper!

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Columbus Gilco , Reynonols

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Silver fillet brazed


Custom Reynolds 953 blades


Chris King




Campagnolo Record EPS


Campagnolo Bora Ultra

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