Michael first inquired about having a bike built for him just under a year before his delivery date, as a present to himself for a milestone birthday.  Michael is a designer and maker and his medium is ceramics; some would say a potter. However, he retrained in his 50’s and has now taken to 3D printing of ceramics creating some beautiful, futuristic but still classical pieces (www.michael-eden.com).

Michael was very keen to use traditional British tubing so one of the specifications was to use Reynolds 853 which is a tubing produced in Birmingham.   He also wanted something modern yet classic so we used slightly oversized tubing and fillet-brazed the joints to give a smooth transition between the tubes.  Another of Michael’s design features was to have a very clean, smooth finish to the frame.  We used an integrated seatstay clamping system which gives an overall clean seat tube junction.  We placed the STI bosses on the headtube to keep the cable housing off the headtube.  There was a lot of back and forth with the paint scheme where we ended up using the same yellow as in the design of the Eurostar.   The paint work was designed to signify a forward propulsion through the air as the bike would do when being ridden.   The word from the north is that Michael has been enjoying riding his bike in the Lake District and we wish him many joyful hours on his new steed!

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