Mike Hall
Single Speed

Mike Hall’s Single Speed. The conversation about this build happened over a year ago. Mike is going to ride across Vietnam on his dream machine. His fascination with bicycles has turned into a profession of long-distance racing which has taken him on many exotic races including breaking the round the world record on his bicycle. Mike has a background in engineering and presented me with a drawing of what he wantedand I turned this into a reality for him.
He designed the frame with curved seat stays, a curved top tube and a pivot through the curved seat tube, all of which give the seat tube an added amount of flexibilty for a very comfortable ride. The seat tube is also detachable so the bike travels well.
Mike wanted to keep the front end of the bike very traditional so I created bi-laminate lugs on the head tube and traditional curved fork blades. The rest of the bike is contemporary.

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Construction Method

Fillet brazed and lugged


Down tube, Head Tube, Chainstays, fork blades – Columbus 853

Curved Seat tube, Seat Stays, Top Tube – straight guage Cromoly


Stainless Steel Paragon Rockers to accommodate a belt drive


Matt black with the detatchable seat tube Gloss grey


Carbon Reynolds Clinchers with Brick Lane Hubs


Disc TRP Spyre with Crane Creak cross bar levers

Seatstay Bridge

Stainless Steel cut – negative of Round the World race symbol




USE track bar

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