Mike first met us at Bespoked which is the Handmade bike show in Bristol. We spent many hours discussing our Stive model which was on the display. The idea behind the bike that it was fast and would put a smile on his face every time he rode it. Mike was very interested in the combinations of the 3 materials used in the frame which. Mike’s previous bike fitted him like a glove. We took his contact points from his previous bike and designed the frame around this. Each angle and length of time is specific to Mike’s body and the riding he aims to do.

Each bike we make always starts off with you the rider and is designed around this. This is the beauty of going custom opposed to grabbing a bike that comes off the shelf.

Mike has been riding Campagnolo for many years. Groupsets are often things you get very attached to. So this choice was an easy one. He liked the feel of cable gears and did not want to go down the route of EPS or disc brakes. The feel of the groupset needed to feel more classic. A bit of a traditionalist, but there is nothing wrong with this.

-Campagnolo Chorus
-Enve SES 5.6
Finishing kit
-3T Superergo bars, Deda Superleggero Stem.
-Chris King Inset 8
-Fabric Scoop Pro

The signature paint scheme for our strive model is an incredibly time consuming design to paint, with each panel needing to be meticulously and symmetrically masked before airbrushing in the colour. The loud angular blocks are paired with a toned down colour palette and the result is our antidote to all the black on black on black paint jobs out there.

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