Pieter lives and rides in Holland – not a country known for it’s hills. He came to us wanting a racer specifically for the riding he does week in, week out. 2-4 hour blasts on roads which are flat, and generally kept in excellent condition. For this reason weight isn’t a huge concern, nor is flexibility in the seat cluster, and because Pieter wanted the bike to look as clean as possible we decided on a steel ISP. The topper is custom made for his setback and fit. The T47 BB shell, whilst a little heavier, allows us to fully internally route both the Di2 cables and the rear brake hose again removing clutter. Flat mouth Shimano Di2 Dura Ace brakes sit snugly to the frame and fork and provide astonishing braking power in all conditions, and the electronic gearing is crisp and clean for every shift.

The paint job, whilst it looks simple, actually shows off the craft of Cole Coatings very well – the three colour panel design is far more complicated than you would expect with custom masks made for each tube chevron.  ENVE provide the bar and stem, finishing off this very clean, particular racer.

Pieter’s words on his new ride

“I’ve now done about eight or nine rides on my new bike and I thought I’d  let you know how I got on. I was thinking what to write about the bike and the best way to describe it is that: The bike just suits me. It suits the way I ride and is exactly what I’m looking for and need in a bike. It rides very smooth and fluid and I feel much more secure and solid (also at higher speeds and through corners) than I felt on my old bike. I’m very very happy with how the bike turned out, it’s just an absolute joy to ride. You managed to get the build spot on. I also really like the various components you used, the saddle is just perfect for me and the Dura Ace Di2 shifters are out of this world.
Finally, the bike also looks amazing. I get the occasional look from other riders trying to figure out what I’m riding which always makes me smile

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job.

PS: I also seem to go quite a bit faster (about 3-4km p/h average over a ride faster) than I did on my old bike. Not sure whether that’s the bike or just me being excited about the bike, probably a bit of both.”

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