Rob works in the cycling industry, it’s always a nice pat on the back to have an industry insider choosing to ride a steel Saffron.

He wanted a stiff and modern steel road frame. What we created was true representation of this . As far as steel goes this is the stiffest configuration of steel tubes which are a mix of Columbus and Dedacciai we can offer a rider who is was wanting pure power transfer over everything else. Even though the frame is stiff Rob still gets the zing of steel off which allows for a magical level of comfort.

Phil Ashcroft is an artist we both like. His painting practice integrates gestural, emotive abstraction with a flattened out ’80s style art deco and graffiti influence. Rob was inspired by Oligarch, a piece Phil did a while back. This was really well interpreted on the frame.

Rob’s words on his new ride:

“The Bike is everything I wanted from evaluating my previous bikes. Smooth, stiff and responsive. Keeping the modern racing bike feel yet the character and heritage of steel.
Been in the bike trade I work on A LOT of bikes and this is pure bliss. A tailor made suit makes you feel special, now add a artist with artistic freedom and some moving parts. It’s appeal is its attention to detail and keeping it simple. Words to live by.”

The bike can often be spotted in Surrey.

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Columbus , Dedacciai

Construction method

Fillet brazed


Columbus Futura 


Shimano Dura Ace R9100


Zipp 404


Phil Ashcroft/Cole Coating

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