Sophie’s bike was designed for summer road riding in the UK and Europe. The design brief was to make it lightweight, agile and simple to run and maintain.
To achieve this we used Columbus Spirit tubes throughout except for the chainstays and bottom bracket shell which are XCR stainless steel for durability and longevity.
We stuck with rim brakes and cable actuated shifting with external routing for simple home maintenance and ease of use.

The design brief for the paint scheme on Sophie’s bike echoed the brief for the frame itself. Clean, uncluttered, simple and light. Inspired by nature and specifically the unique European Rose Chafer beetle with its incredible colour shifting body. (Fascinatingly the colour of the beetle is a result of the structural make up of its body reflecting left circularly polarised light and it actually has no coloured pigment. If viewed through a right polarised lens, they are completely colourless)
For a subtle contrast, as is customary, we polished the stainless steel headbadge and left it unpainted as well as the XCR chainstays which will prevent paint damage from the chain during wheel changes.
All tied together with some subtle gold detailing.

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