Saffron X Cyclefit
Stainless steel road bike

Cyclefit know a thing or two about bike fitment. In fact, they probably know more than anyone about bike fitment. Which is why Cyclefit is the partner for all of Saffron’s customers’ fitments.

When Cyclefit asked me to collaborate with them on a bike I was really excited. Saffron is the first English builder they have partnered with, and to be put on the same playing field as Seven Cycles, Guru, Serotta and Passoni is really quite an honour.

My brief was just to build a frame out of Reynolds 953. It was really great to have the freedom to express my interpretation of my craft.

I wanted to emphasise the bi-laminate head tube, and the way the top tube and down tube grab hold of the head tube. By using a polished head tube I was able to accentuate this.

I started off by machining a stainless steel tube for the seat tube sleeve. I also machined the tube for the hand carved bi-laminated head tube. The routing for the brake cable is internal and the cabling enters and exits on opposite sides so that there is a gentle curve from the shifter to the frame. We used a pinch bolt which was tapped into the seat stays.

The paint is inspired by 1936 Buick custom convertible which was painted light pearl blue. All the stainless steel is to a high polish.

I’m really pleased with how this steed turned out. If you’re interested in getting one of these, get in touch with Cyclefit and ask nicely – they may even let you have a spin on her.

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Reynolds 953

Construction method

Fillet Brazed with Fillet Pro


Saffron  custom for oversized handbar


Saffron  made from Reynolds 953


Light pearl blue




Lightweight Meilenstein clincher

Seatpost and Handlebar


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