shemale porn Tom's steel road machine


Meet “Darling”. Darling belongs to Tom. Tom, being involved in the build process from the word go, has grown greatly attached to Darling.

Tom was after a steel frame which would be responsive enough to give to keep him going at race pace and a bike which would be the perfect fit from the first pedal stroke. On his first ride, his functional threshold power was already up and I put this down to him having the correct setup, thanks to his fitment from Cyclefit.

We used Columbus oversized Spirit tubing for this build to achieve a greater level of stiffness. Tom, who likes to push himself with his riding, chose a quote from Greg Lemond – the only American cyclist to with Le Tour – to sit on the top tube. It says “It does not get any easier you just go faster”.

In his own words, Tom says “The bike feels lively”, a comment which I feel describes the ride of steel down to a tee.

We wish Tom every bit of enjoyment from his dream machine.

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Columbus Spirit with a 44mm ID headtube

Construction method

Fillet brazed


Columbus Grammy


Shimano Dura Ace 9000

Finishing kit



Chris King insert 7


Reynolds 58 Aero

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