Noresh modern classic stainless steel road bike is something we are proud of. Noresh like may of our customers owns many bikes. The bike we made him replaced his custom made Roberts which he had been riding for over 10+ years. His Saffron was a kind of retirement present to himself to which has topped his stable of bikes.

As Noresh had spent his working life as an architect, he has a really good eye for design as well as an appreciation for what lies beneath the glossy paint. It was a lovely experience working with Noresh. I would have enjoyed the experience of having him design a house for me!

Noresh liked the smoothness of a tube to tube construction which fillet brazing gives but he liked the classic look of lugs. I think we nailed this producing a hand carved bi-laminated lug for the head tube and married this with a lugged crown for the fork. The rest of the frame was fillet brazed. This allowed us to have free range with the angle of the joints, meaning we were able to put Noresh in the perfect position with keeping the aesthetic completely within our control. The tubes we used were Columbus XCR which are stainless steel. This allow us to polish them up to a shiny finish. The fork blades are Reynold 953, which have been polished. The paint we settled is a tangerine candy which is a produced by House Of Kolor. The tone of the colour changes dependant on the light hitting it. In the sun it sparkles! The finishing kit is Ritchey who make a elegant/classic seat post and handlebar which is light weight. The stem we made in house. This was to get Noresh in the correct position. The groupset is Campagnolo Potenza which is currently the most classic looking with still having the shifting performance of high end groupsets. The wheels were built by our friends over at DCR wheels.
We wish Noresh many happy miles on his new steed.
Noresh’s words
“Went out on a 3 hour ride around after I left your workshop.  Its an absolute dream machine.  Thank you sooooooooo much.
Stopped for a bit of street food at Greenwich, the bike got some admiring glances and one bloke spent a good few minutes just staring at it! 
The gear changes are a big pleasant surprise, nowhere near as clunky as I had expected.  In fact I was rather pleased how smooth they where, although I’m still getting the hang of chain ring change.
The saddle feels comfortable as well, but will test this out on a longer more demanding ride soon.
Overall the bike feels so right to ride (if you know what I mean) its as if I have been riding it forever.  It also looks so stunning in an elegantly understated way, which is just what I wanted.  I don’t think I have owned anything so beautiful in all my life.
Once again, thank you for all your hard work.”

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Columbus XCR

Construction Method

Fillet brazed, Bi-laminated


Reynold 953


Campagnolo Potenza


Made In-house

Finishing Kit

Ritchey Classic


DCR wheels


Panaracer Gravel Kings



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