The purpose for Stefan’s new bike was twofold. Living in North Wales where Snowdonia is on his doorstep and he is surrounded by rural scenery, mountain passes and hiking paths a plenty, the bike was designed to take him off the beaten path, to explore more of his local area that has otherwise been inaccessible but as an old school roadie at heart, it also needed to take him far and wide on the tarmac with a bit of luggage for the journey.
We kept the geometry fairly road orientated but designed in clearance for 42mm tyres with breathing room which doubles up as space for 32c and mudguards for the longer days away from home.
The tubing is a selection of HSS, Life and Zona. It has internal routing for the rear brake and dynamo wiring whilst the gear cable was kept external with bolt on guides for ease of replacement and the cleanest cable run for the best shifting performance.

This paint design is from Stefan’s own art work, adding an element of individuality. Still his favourite medium today, ink line work offering a sharp contrast between black and white, goes back to his early architecture days when hand drawing was still practiced.
We digitalised a fragment from several of his drawings and wrapped it round the individual tubes. The design was inverted on the stays and the inner side of the fork, a nod to the presentation drawings showcased back in the day. The Columbus tubing used is highlighted on the seat tube, while the name ‘Rough Grazer’ is handwritten on the top tube, all subtly added. Y Ddraig Goch is the only spot of colour on the whole frame and there are no prises for guessing what it represents.
Stefan hopes this will buy him some good will with passing welsh drivers!
Tom supplied the final touch of magic by using a perline finish which adds a subtle sparkle or shimmer to the paint work.

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